Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou

Prof. Smaragda Chrysostomou is currently a Professor of Music Pedagogy and Didactics at the Faculty of Music Studies, University of Athens, and is teaching undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Greece and Cyprus. At the moment, Chrysostomou is the Scientific Coordinator of the professional development and lifelong learning programs „Go-Arts„, at the Centre of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning of the NKUA. Besides her work as the Director of the Music Education Lab at the Department of Music Studies as well as the Director of the postgraduate program (MA) „Music Education in formal and in formal environments“, she is a member of the Advisory Committee of the National Council of Research and Innovation (Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation – HFRI) for the Thematic Area of Social Sciences and Humanities.

Chrysostomou is highly experienced in coordinating both national and international projects: She was the Coordinator for Internal Monitoring and Evaluation in Comenius 2.1, Lifelong Learning Program: «mPPACT: a methodology for pupil and performing arts centered teaching» (2006-2009) (participating countries: UK, GRC, CYP, DNK). Moreover, she was the Coordinator of the Aesthetic Education Team in the National projects „DIGITAL SCHOOL I and II” Greek National Strategic Reference Framework (NSFR). As Chrysostomou has also worked as a music teacher in secondary education and as an in-service trainer for music teachers in primary and secondary education, she has experiences in teaching music in all levels of education. Also, she has participated in national and international conferences in the areas of education and music education (since 1994) and is a member of scientific committees and editorial boards in journals, Greek and international.

Prof. Chrysostomou will work in WP3 and in WP5 and will bring in her expertise in the ME systems in Europe as well as digitization.