Prof. Ruta Girdzijauskiene is professor at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre (Klaipėda faculty) and President of the Lithuanian Music Teachers’ Association. For many years, Girdzijauskiene was a secondary school music teachers and leader of a children’s choir. Currently, she is member in the organising and research committees of various music education journals and scientific events (conferences, projects, seminars. She has published her research in national and international journals, books, and conferences. The list of her publications includes two monographs, eight teacher handbooks, more than fifty research studies, and thirty practice-based articles. Moreover, she is co-author of several Lithuanian music education programs, music textbooks, and interactive lessons for general schools. Every year, Ruta Girdzijauskiene offers seminars on various topics of music education in Lithuania and abroad. Her scientific interests include primary music education, musical creativity and teacher education.

Ruta is part of the WP 4 and WP 8 team.