Prof. Dr. Jens Knigge

Prof. Dr. Jens Knigge is a full professor of music education at the Faculty of Education and Arts and leader of the research group “music related learning processes”. His teaching and research interests include students’ competency development, teacher educators’ mentoring approaches, and the role of digital technology in teaching and learning music. At the music department Jens is responsible for all music education modules and he is the contact person for international incoming students. He has 15 years of experience of initiation and management of international and national research and innovation projects funded by the various German (BMBF, DFG) and Norwegian (NFR, diku) research funders. He has conducted a large number of empirical studies and published widely in international peer reviewed journals. Jens has edited several books and journal issues, currently he is a board member of the Norwegian network “music pedagogy in development” (MiU) and of the German Association for research in music education (AMPF).

Prof. Dr. Knigge will lead WP4 and use his strong project leading as well as qualitative research expertise.