Prof. Dr. Branka Rotar Pance

Prof. Dr. Rotar Pance works at the Department of Music Education at the Academy of Music (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia). Her teaching and research interests revolve around the teaching methods and the other topics of music education, motivation, working with gifted students, musical creativity, ICT in music education, lifelong learning of music teachers, arts and cultural education and the history of Slovenian music pedagogy. In 2020 she received The Golden Plaque for exceptional contributions to the development of scientific, pedagogical or artistic endeavours, and for strengthening the reputation of the University of Ljubljana. She is coordinator of the international EAS Student Forum. She is the coordinator of the Slovene Music Olympiad, a jury member at the International Music Olympiads (Tallinn 2012, Riga 2014, Klaipėda 2016, Tallinn 2018, Ljubljana, 2022) and the president of the Organizing Team of the 5th International Music Olympiad, Ljubljana 2022.

Prof. Dr. Branka Rotar- Pance will be part of the WP3 and steer the Spring Schools for Students. She is also ensuring knowledge transfer from the meNet project.